Croatia: Novalja and Zrce Beach

It’s been some time since I spent a few days on a party island. Given I can only survive so many benders a year these days, I tend to pick and choose them more carefully now. It was about time for another, so what better contender for a place on the calendar than the renowned Pag island of Croatia? After getting in touch with a couple of mates and planning a weeks stay in the heart of Novalja, 10 minutes from Zrce beach, I took […]

Croatia: Rijeka

I think most people have a certain idea of Croatia, even if they haven’t been there. Beaches, red roofs, loads of islands and no shortage of parties. I’ve got to say, the stereotype isn’t wrong. Obviously there’s a lot more to Croatia than the above, but I didn’t spend a lot of time away from the water. My mission was to get from Budapest to Rijeka, where I would catch up with  a couple of friends of mine. Even though Croatia borders Hungary, there aren’t a […]