Russia: Losing My Passport

It was my last day in Moscow. I planned to head to St Petersburg that night on an overnight train, and was really looking forward to checking out the renowned culture capital of the country. I packed up my backpack, jumped on the subway and arrived at Leningrad train station to buy my ticket. I arrived and stood in a line for about 20 minutes. No worries, the train only leaves in an hour. I’ve got time. Cancel that, wrong station. Out the door I go, […]

Russia: Moscow

Moscow! Well, I’ve now technically reached the end of the Trans Siberian railway line. Since Beijing I’ve covered 9,001 Km by train, and I still have St Petersburg to go! As I write this I have a few hours left in Moscow before heading up to St Petersburg. I’ve been in Moscow for around five days. It’s one of those places where you can fill a couple of days up with a lot of sightseeing and tick off a lot of the major ‘must-visits’ as a […]

Russia: Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and The Train

I picked my next stop along the Trans-Siberian to be Novosibirsk, a relatively large city in the centre of Russia, just above eastern Kazakhstan. I didn’t pick Novosibirsk for any real reason other than to break up the journey; spending several days on a train without stopping is something I’d rather avoid, especially when I don’t have too much of a time constraint. I wasn’t feeling too flash when I set about this leg of the journey so I opted to buy a bed in […]

Russia: Irkutsk and Lake Baikal

After spending a couple of weeks exploring the Mongolian sparseness it was finally time to embark on the next leg of the Trans-Siberian train to Russia! This I was looking forward to! I booked a ticket at the station in Ulaanbaatar. On the Trans-Siberian line there are a number of different trains you can take, each with different journey times and accompanying prices. I chose the cheaper local train, which would take 35 hours, as opposed to the 24 hour train which I would have […]