Brazil: Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo

I’m going to start this post off by saying that Rio De Janeiro is the sort of place that you should try not to visit if the weather is shit. Throughout this year, I’ve visited cities and destinations that I’ve left with a distinct feeling of not having done it justice. Unfortunately, Rio is one of those places. That’s not to say we didn’t have a good time, however. Our journey in was met with an immense amount of traffic, something that’s typical of Rio. […]

Brazil: Ubatuba and Ilha Grande

Following our arrival in Sao Paulo and a couple of days in Ilhabela, we all piled back in the cars and back across the ferry to the mainland to begin making our way north towards a quiet place named Ubatuba. Jumping back on the Brazilian highway is always an experience. It’s hard to decide which highway is sketchier, the Brazilian one or the highway just outside of Saigon. The difference in Asia is it’s organised chaos, whereas in Brazil you’ve got to be on your guard the […]

Brazil: Ilhabela

Okay, so it’s definitely been some time since any updates on this site. I’ve been hanging out in Holland a lot, sorting a few things out and also conserving my money as Europe has this special ability to drain your wallet at a rate which puts Asia to shame. However, I’d been aware for a while that a few friends of mine had been planning a road trip in Brazil. I wasn’t planning to join as funds didn’t really allow for it at the time, […]