Mongolia: The Gobi Desert, Part 2

Part two of the Gobi trip! Carrying on from where I left off last time, we stayed in a ger one night with a woman who told us we were the first tourists she’d hosted that season. In the morning we also visited her shop, situated in another ger, where she sold some souvenirs and home-made clothing, shoes and hats. This is another frozen river, which begins at a decent sized frozen waterfall. You walk along the ice to get to it. Pretty cool stuff. […]

Mongolia: The Gobi Desert, Part 1

Upon arriving back to Ulaanbaatar from Kharkorin, I still had over week to go until I got my passport back from Legend Tours with my visa, clearing me to head off to Russia on the Trans-Siberian train. This meant I had loads of time to check out more of the Mongolian desert life. Fortunately, my friend Karen, who I’d met on my trip to North Korea, was also heading into Mongolia the next day along with her sister, Annika. After some deliberating, we organised to […]

Mongolia: Kharkorin And Beyond

Warning: A shit load of photos incoming! One does not simply travel to Mongolia without going on some sort of trekking expedition. The country is the least dense in the world, a population of around 3 million gives Mongolia a density of just 1.75 per square kilometre. Outside of the capital, Ulaanbaatar, the land is mostly untouched, with vast plains, rivers, mountains and valleys just waiting to be explored by foot, horse, motorbike or car. This is the reason most people, myself included, travel here. […]

Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar

When I left New Zealand, I didn’t know many people that have travelled to Mongolia. In fact, only a very close friend of mine had been there and she spoke very highly of the place, so it’s fair to say I was looking forward to visiting the most desolate country in the world. The train from Beijing to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, is kind of a part of the Trans-Siberian railway, although it’s classified as the Trans-Mongolian line. Many who take the Trans-Siberian eastward […]