Czech Republic: Prague, Part 1

Prague! I’ve heard so many good things about this place, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to someone who didn’t wholeheartedly enjoy their time there. Prague is one of those cities that has something for everyone; cheap beer, amazing views, good coffee, great food, amazing architecture, the list goes on.


I planned on checking out a couple of places like Brno and Cesky Krumlov on the way to Prague from Bratislava, but truth be told, I felt like keeping my feet in one place for a while. I could feel myself getting a little run-down from uprooting myself every day and I could tell that I needed to stay put for a while. What better place to do that in, than Prague?

My Dad was coming to meet me in Prague in a few days but until he got there, I booked accommodation for four nights at a renowned hostel called ‘The Mad House.’ I’ve got to say this is easily the best hostel I’ve stayed at. It has a great atmosphere, which is created by a certain clientele and friendly staff. The hostel organises excursions, pub crawls and fun events as well as a ‘family’ home-cooked dinner most nights for a small fee. The location is hard to beat, too. I can’t recommend it enough.


I wasn’t aware of how liberal drug laws are here, but there ya go…


There ARE a lot of tourists in Prague, especially now as it’s high season. You can structure your day around avoiding most of the crowds, like visiting Charles Bridge early in the morning or later in the afternoon for example. The first few days I was there the temperature was in the 30’s. Bloody hot, and a fantastic excuse to stop for a refreshing Czech beer on regular occasion.


Me hanging out at the John Lennon wall. You can tag the wall with whatever you like. I wasn’t carrying any paint with me unfortunately…


I accompanied a friend Tony I met at the hostel on a walking tour, which took us around some of the city’s more famous locations. This place is full of history; you can spend a whole day just wandering the crooked streets looking at buildings. You can see everyone in the photo above hiding in the shade. It was bloody hot, man.


One of the restaurants on the mains square offered a free shower service. I think this probably drew in more customers than any other form of promotion on that day.



One of the excursions The Mad House organised for us was a trip out to the Czech derby on a Saturday. This isn’t something I thought I’d be doing when I went to Prague, but was good fun! I lost cash on betting, as I always do. But I won at the bar.



You won’t find any 3am lock-outs around here; this place parties all night, and if walking into a club at 8.30am is your thing then this is the right place. There’s something for everybody, from 80’s retro nights to live music, to ice bars and metal clubs. I found a home in a dark and funky joint named Cross Club, where Drum ‘N’ Bass made a refreshing change for my ears after the top 40 BS you find everywhere else.


This is the common room / kitchen of The Mad House. The dinner tables get moved together to create a beer pong table most nights.


Ass mentioned, you can spend a lot of time just wandering around checking out the sights. This is the Prague Dancing House.


The view from the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul. There’s a beer garden up here too. Actually there, are beer gardens everywhere. Not complaining.


I’m going to cut this post off here as it will get too big if I keep going. The day after this photo was taken, I met my Dad and we spent the next few days together checking out more of Prague which was really cool.

Thanks for reading!