Germany: Berlin, Part 2

Following on from my previous post, I dedicated the next day to exploring the eastern side of Berlin. Occupied by the soviets following the end of WWII, I’d heard of the contrast between the other half and couldn’t wait to explore it for myself. Structuring the path of my day taking tactical cafe visits into… Read More »Germany: Berlin, Part 2

Germany: Berlin, Part 1

It’s hard to deny that Berlin has a reputation. And not just in one sense, either; be it partying, history, culture, coffee, Berlin has a lot to offer in many different respects. I didn’t originally plan on heading to Berlin on this trip, but I ended up joining a group heading to Berlin for New… Read More »Germany: Berlin, Part 1

Germany: Oktoberfest

Beer, beer, and beer. Those are three of the more popular things Oktoberfest is known for. Well, pork knuckles, wurst, pretzels, leather pants and nice looking women are on the list, too. What I did not realise, or even consider to be honest, is how much else there is going on at this place. You could… Read More »Germany: Oktoberfest

Germany: One Day in Munich

Before I yarn about my fun-filled day in Munich, I’m going to have a rant. At this point in my journey, I’ve travelled over 30,000 km’s by land, through countries with third world transport infrastructure, monopoly currency and language that sounds more like ancient Egyptian than anything else I’ve ever heard. However, it was getting… Read More »Germany: One Day in Munich