Vietnam: Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of those places that you can’t miss if you’re in the vicinity. It’s a World Heritage Site and a huge tourist attraction, bringing in thousands of foreigners each year. With all the talk around Ha Long Bay, I hoped it would live up to the hype. In Old Quarter in… Read More »Vietnam: Ha Long Bay

Vietnam: Sapa

Sapa is a town which is rather close to the Chinese border. It’s known for for its rice paddys as well as a selection of surrounding hiking trails, which are often sold as ‘packages’ with a local home-stay for accommodation. I visited Sapa for a week along with some of the fellow volunteers from VCV,… Read More »Vietnam: Sapa

Vietnam: Just, Vietnam

“Err… we eat the pets.” That was the response I got from one student, in my first ever class I taught, in Vietnam. The subject for the English lesson was ‘Companies,’ and I had been tasked with teaching the fundamental ideas and vocabulary behind limited liability companies, publicly owned companies, mutual funds… you get the… Read More »Vietnam: Just, Vietnam

Vietnam: Heading North

Following a brief visit to Saigon / HCMC, we travelled to Da Nang, which is a city approximately half way between HCMC and Ha Noi. Da Nang is close to another town named Hoi An, which is known for being home to some of the best tailors in Vietnam. Arriving at the airport after a… Read More »Vietnam: Heading North