Finishing up in Thailand

First off, sorry for the delay in a new post. I’ve been without my laptop as the one I took with me broke and it’s just too difficult to put together a proper update on my phone! Aaaaanyway, I’ve been in Vietnam for the last week but I’m going to backdate a couple of posts on here to cover off what I’ve been doing the last month or so. I’ll write about traveling from Thailand, through Cambodia and into Vietnam, and hopefully give a few […]

First Stop: Thailand

The time has come; the planning, preparation, saving and anticipation has ended and I’m out of New Zealand. The initial port of call is Thailand, for a couple of weeks of beaches, beers and thirty degree heat. Following a 12 hour layover in Melbourne due to a technical fault, I landed in Phuket at 2.30am where I was picked up by my pal Phil, who’s been here for a month or so and is in South East Asia for another. We cruised on the scooter […]