England: London, Part 2

Part 1 here. I wasn’t long in London before I realised there is a hell of a lot to do and see in this city, and it’s one of those places where you could spend a month trekking around and still have stuff left to see. I planned my days geographically, as the place is so big to be running from one end of town to the other. Covent Garden, which is where I bought the pie from, always has loads of buskers and street performers […]

England: London, Part 1

There are several ways to get to London from The Netherlands. You can drive, bus, train, ferry or fly. Narrowing down the to the more viable options, by the time you get to the airport, go through check-in and then make your way into London on the other side (unless you’re flying into Heathrow, which none of the cheap flights do) you may as well take the train. Which is what I did. I booked the ticket a few days before and it cost 80 […]