Poland: Zakopane and the Slovakian Border

When I was looking to leave Krakow, I took a look at what I wanted to see nearby. Having done a bit of reading into what there is to do in Slovakia, I began looking at a path from Krakow to Bratislava that didn’t involve a direct bus or train. After getting a recommendation from my Canadian friend I met in L’Viv, I settled on heading out of the country via a town named Zakopane. I took a cheap bus from Krakow which was comfortable, […]

Poland: Krakow and Auschwitz

Commencing the next point of my zigzag through Europe, I took an overnight train from L’Viv in Ukraine to Krakow, Poland. This was a silly idea. Firstly, it was ridiculously expensive, compared to other options which I didn’t research properly due to time constraints. Secondly, because of the departure time, customs check and change of time zone meant I got about 3 hours sleep before being tapped on the foot for the third time by the conductor who shouted at me, “Get up tourist, train […]