12 Reasons Why I Love Amsterdam

If you’ve ever asked me what my favourite country is, other than my home country of New Zealand, you would have been answered with the Netherlands. Over the last wee while I’ve had several conversations with locals, who are equally intrigued as to why I rate this little flat piece of land so highly. As I haven’t thrown a post on here in a while, I thought I’d elaborate! There is no shortage of blog posts on why this is a great country, and they […]

The Netherlands: Amsterdam Gay Pride 2016

I think we can all agree that the world in general has become much more liberal and open minded in recent times, and one could argue that no other country is more qualified to be associated with those adjectives than The Netherlands. I didn’t specifically plan to be in Amsterdam when this infamous event was on this year, but when good ol’ Facebook alerted me that it was on in a couple of weeks I was glad I was in the country. There are sometimes misconceptions […]

The Netherlands: Utrecht, and the End of Phase One

When I flew out New Zealand to begin this trip, I didn’t have a solid plan, but I soon set a goal for myself. When I was in South East Asia, I decided I wanted to make it to The Netherlands, where my family is from and one of my favourite places, by land. I’d like to say that I’ve achieved that goal since my first stop, Thailand, but there are a couple of reasons I can’t. When I was with my mate Phil in […]

The Netherlands: A Small Detour

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I’ve had to abandon my plans for St Petersburg and fly pretty quickly to Amsterdam to get a new passport. I’ve got to be honest; although this whole drama has thrown a spanner in the works in terms of my original goal of not flying until I got to The Netherlands, it’s been somewhat pleasant being in a place that feels like home for a few days. It wasn’t my intention to document this part of […]