Czech Republic: Prague, Part 2

I’ve been travelling solo for around six months at this point, so when my Dad called and told me he was heading over to the Netherlands for my cousin’s wedding and asked if I’d like some company in Prague for my birthday, I was stoked!


Naturally I asked for some rations to be brought over from New Zealand, and the man delivered. I am pretty sure I’m the only person here in Austria with Marmite.


We spent a lot of time cruising around the city and checking out the sights and chilling out. I had decided to reserve a few things, including my tasting of Czech food recommended to me until Dad got here. If you asked me what to not miss when visiting Prague, I’ll tell you to go to a restaurant called Mlejnice.

This unassuming place is more often frequented by locals than tourists. It’s a very reasonably priced place set down an alleyway with a rustic feel, and serves a good selection of Czech food. You NEED to try the pork knuckle and beef goulash served in bread. Get pickled cheese and cheese with cranberry sauce for starters. It was so good we went back the next day too.



This isn’t usually the sort of thing I’d do if I were by myself, but we decided to splash out and go for a tour of the city in the back of one of these Fords. We saw  few things that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise which made it worth it. We were thinking of getting a massage later but the solid wheels and cobbled roads did that for us.



This is a super narrow alleyway that acts as the only pathway to a restaurant. I can’t imagine there would be many overweight people eating there.


One of the other things I wanted to do with Dad was go on a boat cruise up and down the Vltava river. The weather was good and it was a bit of a different way to see the city so we elected the two hour option and drank cocktails and Pilsner while we cruised. I’d recommend doing this if you can, it’s around 18 Euros for the two hour cruise.


Below is the main square of Prague. It’s always full of tourists and touts, so it goes without saying to be cautious about pulling out your wallet for anything. There are loads of women walking around who will ask to take a photo of you while you dine and then come back and try to charge you for it.


It was super cool to catch up with Dad and you couldn’t ask for a better city than Prague to do that in. He’s back off to New Zealand and as I write this I’m in Vienna, which I like but not as much as Prague.

I’ll definitely head back to the Czech Republic again, and make sure to see a couple of the other towns too. Can’t wait!