Germany: Heidelberg and Eberbach

After a boozy day in Munich, I boarded what is hopefully my last ever ride with Flixbus to Heidelberg, a town on the way to 350km north-west of Munich and conveniently on the way to my final destination on my ‘land trek,’ The Netherlands.


This won’t be a long post as my main reason for getting off the bus in Heidelberg was to visit my good pal Rob, who recently moved to a small town near Heidelberg called Eberbach. The area is rather picturesque, dotted with castles and classic German architecture.


Rob used to work with Porsche in Auckland, and has relocated to this small town to work with a small family owned business that specialise in top end race car repair and preparation. He works on some cool shit for sure!


There’s a lot of history in his workshop too; this Audi was built to take the land speed record back in the day.



As you do when you see a mate you haven’t seen in some time we drank some beers and went for a walk around the town. This sort of random street art / graffiti is always entertaining.


Rob being all anti-establishment and shit.


Heidelberg gets quite a few tourists. We joined the groups of Chinese and walked up the hill to check out the castle up on the hill and take a look over the town.


I was debating whether to put this in here as it has little relevance to anything, but how often do you see someone wearing a dick necklace?


After catching up with Rob and chilling for a couple of days, I travelled through the German countryside and boarded a train towards The Netherlands, the final stop of my land only trek. Check out my next post for a brief summary on some of the stats I’ve compiled about the last few months and a post on the Amsterdam Gay Pride parade, one of the craziest street parties I’ve ever attended.


Thanks for reading!

– Damo