Ramblin’ again

Recently a good friend of mine asked me for the link to my blog, as he wanted to show it to a friend who was thinking about travelling the world. It got me thinking… I’ve been keeping it offline for several years now, not having the time or enthusiasm to keep it updated. What started as a travel diary for my adventure several years back turned into a portal for me to vent, not publishing the posts I wrote… I took it offline and used […]

Bucket List

Done: Visit Chernobyl Boat on Ha Long Bay Camp overnight on The Great Wall of China Visit North Korea Ride a horse in Mongolia Attend a Frantic in London Visit Harry Potter locations in London Cross the Trans Siberian Rail line Dj in Ibiza Oktoberfest To be done: Drive a luxury car on the Autobahn Nurburgring Drive up the west coast of America Fast and Furious locations – drink a beer at house Grand Canyon Play poker in Vegas Burning Man Snowboard at Whistler Visit […]

The Interim

My first ever post on this site was aptly named, “Pilot;” the first post of many to come, documenting the journey I’ve been on since I left the land of the long white cloud. The journey ended up being, well, fuckin’ awesome. I began this blog for several reasons. Firstly, I enjoy writing, and I wanted to keep that part of my mind ticking over while I was gone. Another reason is to keep one element of routine to routine to my life while I […]