Ramblin’ again

Recently a good friend of mine asked me for the link to my blog, as he wanted to show it to a friend who was thinking about travelling the world. It got me thinking… I’ve been keeping it offline for several years now, not having the time or enthusiasm to keep it updated. What started as a travel diary for my adventure several years back turned into a portal for me to vent, not publishing the posts I wrote… I took it offline and used it as a digital journal, eventually withering into a subscription I pay my hosting company for so as to not lose my data. Over the last few days I’ve come to remember the reason I began this thing in the first place; to create a medium where I can document my adventures, share my experiences with those wanting to listen and provide a platform for information I’d gained along the way, which others could perhaps benefit from.

I feel a rekindled passion for transmitting thoughts and feelings into words. I’m going to kick-start this project again, and expand it into something more than a travel blog. I’ll use this platform to not only document my adventures, but to put words to the experiences, adventures and revelations I come across. It’ll be good for me to do so, and, who knows… perhaps someone else will find it interesting, too.