Prep Work – The Accumulation

Although I’m heading off with a one way ticket and an open itinerary, a little prep work is going to pay off in the long run. I have a rough idea of certain things I want to achieve and I’d like to be somewhat equipped for certain situations and opportunities.

Here’s what I’ve accumulated so far. I want to travel light so I’m only taking what I am sure I will need. I plan on leaving with no more than a 15kg backpack; the more free space, the better.

First up, the backpack. A good mate of mine sourced this for me at no cost, so that’s taken some expense out of the equation! It has the potential for decent size yet compacts up if you don’t need the space, it’s very strong and durable and has several handy compartments. Everything is adjustable and it’s big enough to hold everything I need, but without being too bulky. It also opens up like a suitcase so I don’t have to try and dig through the top of it.


I also have another Camelbak backpack. This backpack is going to be used for day trips, as I have the option to remove the water bladder from it and hold things like a normal backpack but I can also use it for it’s intended purpose. It’ll come in handy whether I’m hiking, cycling, working or at a festival.


I’m going to need to be able to access the internet to book tickets, research visa requirements, update this site, archive photos and possibly work remotely in some situations so I’ve purchased a small, light and portable 10″ netbook. It does everything I need it to and nothing I don’t, and fits right into one of the internal pockets of my backpack. Perfect!


Camera! And no, I do not have nor do I intend to purchase a selfie stick. It isn’t a GoPro, it’s a copy. It specs up to what I need and the reviews I read were good, and it comes at a fraction of the price. I need to be prepared to lose things or have them stolen and I couldn’t justify spending $800+ on a GoPro and associated gear. This SJ Cam comes with all sorts of attachments, all I need to do is get a couple of memory cards and a spare battery.


This is a portable charging station that can charge my cell phone 20 times before it dies. Hopefully it doesn’t get seized at an Asian airport due to laws around lithium batteries on planes; I have a dangerous goods approval from Qantas as it falls within their limitations for Li-Ion batteries. Obviously I won’t be taking the whole case with me; just the unit and a couple of attachments.


First aid kit – doesn’t take up much space and you never know when this will come in handy!



Multi tools – these always come in handy.

Multi Tool

Utility card

Travel Adapters. These ones are worldwide, to save on space and weight of carrying individual ones. I’ve got a couple of little pouches to carry things like this so I don’t lose them.

Travel Adapter


500GB External Hard drive. To back up photos, and also store music.

Hard Drive

Inflatable / Blow Up pillows. One is a U shaped one that wraps around my neck, really good for trains / planes / buses. The other is an ordinary rectangular bed pillow.

Inflatable Pillows

That’s all for now, I have a couple things to get still but I’m happy that I’m on track.

Thanks for reading!

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